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Turn Events Into Experiences
Turn Events Into Experiences

Turning an Event Into an Experience

It’s not good enough anymore to simply develop an outstanding event for a client. Instead, we look at each event as if we are creating a comprehensive, memory-making brand experience. This includes everything from internal employee reward functions to citywide corporate luncheons, charity fundraisers and national tours.

What that means is that no matter how amazing the speaker or delicious the lunch food might be, turning an event into an experience is what will ensure your client’s brand stands out and builds a memorable impression.

But there’s no magic wand. Creating memorable experiences built on strategy takes skills, a strong relationship with the client and the ability to manage multiple resources to ensure engagement.

What’s at the core of an event that’s a unique experience? It begins with creating a win-win for the client and their potential customer. The client gets what they want, and so does the customer.

Experiential Marketing

At Evenergy, we’ve been creating experiences for clients for almost two decades. It first started by inserting small, unique elements into each of our events. Now it’s standard operating procedure for each event to be examined through the lens of:

  1. No cookie-cutter ideas. Bring to the table one-of-a-kind, distinctive ideas that showcase creativity and showcase the brand. We understand that we must fit the experience to the client’s message and engage the audience with interactive components.
  2. Build lasting memories. Planners are making their events more engaging and fun. This means that more financial resources and focus is placed on a truly remarkable experience that attendees will never forget.
  3. Compelling equates to shared. When we do our job and create an experience for a brand that is both distinctive and memorable, attendees are engaged and immediately compelled to share their experience on social media. This builds that buzz for all of those friends who weren’t there in person but read about it and see it on social media.
  4. Don’t ditch the metrics. Our ideas start with outcomes, and we build the experience around those specific measurable objectives. With a solid understanding and relationship with the client, together we define how to measure success.
  5. Concept development is customized. No two events are alike. Each client brand experience has a story to tell. During concept development it is important to consider a client’s history, target audiences, competitors, location options, budget, assets, sponsorships and so much more.

Brand Activation

When you know you want your brand to reach people in person and not just through a television, computer or phone screen, it must be a memorable experience. The benefits are that the brand’s story is face-to-face with its target audience. This is often called brand activation in “the biz.” We work with our clients to ensure they aren’t just peripherally sponsoring an event. We ensure the target audience is genuinely interacting with the brand, understanding the message and trying, sampling or experiencing it.

Want Evenergy to develop a concept for your brand experience? Contact us for more information.

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