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Smithfield’s Get Grilling America

Quick Hit Results

Thousands of

consumers added to Smithfield’s loyalty program

Thousands of

of Smithfield Fresh Pork ribs sampled

500+ BBQ Pitmasters

committed to cook exclusively with Smithfield Fresh Pork on the competition barbecue circuit


  • Event management case studySmithfield wanted to strengthen relationships with competition pitmasters and distributors and to engage consumers at festivals.


  • Evenergy developed and managed a national tour to showcase a Smithfield experience.
  • Evaluated and negotiated event sponsorships at festivals across the country in distributor home markets.
  • Showcased celebrity pitmasters who shared tips and Smithfield’s ribs with event attendees.
  • Partnered with Kingsford, Anheuser-Busch, Tabasco, National Pork Board, Weber and Gallo.
  • Brought Smithfield to distributor offices with employee luncheons and tastings.


  • Captured attendee information for future marketing efforts via Smithfield’s loyalty program.
  • Sampled thousands of ribs across the country and drove consumers to stores.
  • Built competitive pitmasters into consumer influencers and strengthened Smithfield’s status as the #1 pork in BBQ.
  • Stronger relationships with grocers and other distributors.