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Evenergy specializes in sponsorship programs that are strategic, diverse and relevant to your brand and customers.

Evenergy’s sponsorship team has a broad spectrum of experience and is skilled at creating connections that drive business objectives. By producing custom sponsorship partnerships, we are able to create a deeper relationship between you and your customers at a point of common fan affinity. Whether it’s sports, arts, entertainment, music, community or fundraising, we’ll help you find a platform that meets your objectives and budget.

Evenergy excels at:
  • Sponsorship Strategy  Integrating sponsorship into corporate marketing goals and objectives
  • Portfolio Development  Evaluating existing portfolio with customized research and negotiation
  • Activation Plan Development  Creating ideas and programs that make the sponsorship come alive
  • Sponsorship Management  Managing sponsorship assets, programs and hospitality
Valuation & Measurement  Measuring results against objectives