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The Walking Dead Escape

Quick Hit Results

Two years in a row, voted “#1 To Do Experience” at Comic-Con

Hardcore fans were able to experience The Walking Dead world in their own character and with their own outcome

Positive feedback from hard-to-impress Comic-Con media



The Walking Dead Escape: Comic-Con San Diego was an immersive fan experience tied to the hit property The Walking Dead. Evenergy was hired to work with the series’ creative team and an obstacle course producer to transform Petco Park into a real-life zombie apocalypse. Participants (survivors) reported to Petco Park so they could be processed and escorted out of the city by the military, but then hell broke loose. Survivors had to avoid zombies, crawl, run and climb through obstacles to get out without becoming infected … or become one of the undead.


  • Created the participant storyline and experience based on popular story arcs
  • Managed multimedia communications prior to and during the event to immerse participants in the full story of the zombie virus spreading to San Diego
  • Oversaw the design and fabrication of the apocalypse set design and decor along with the hundreds of zombies made up by the TV shows makeup team and positioned throughout all levels of Petco Park creating fear and anxiety
  • Developed staff training to ensure safety and support of the immersive experience