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Thousands of

consumers added to Smithfield’s loyalty program

Thousands of

of Smithfield Fresh Pork ribs sampled

500+ BBQ Pitmasters

committed to cook exclusively with Smithfield Fresh Pork on the competition barbecue circuit



Smithfield Fresh Pork sought to gain brand awareness and deepen its relationships with competitive barbecue pitmasters and the everyday backyard barbecuer. Evenergy created and executed a fully integrated experiential marketing plan that showcased celebrity pitmasters, shared barbecue tips and sampled Smithfield’s ribs at barbecue competitions throughout the country with the goal of driving consumers to retailers to purchase Smithfield Fresh Pork with a national branded tour.


  • Managed the construction of a barbecue trailer as a focal point for the Smithfield brand
  • Demonstrated grilling by featuring celebrity pitmasters to engage consumers
  • Sampled Smithfield Fresh Pork Rib in exchange for consumer data 
  • Capitalized on cross-branding such as Kingsford, Anheuser-Busch, Tabasco, National Pork Board, Weber and Grizzly to drive awareness of the Smithfield Fresh Pork brand in complementary categories, driving consumers to the fresh meat case
  • Engaged with consumers at stores through retail parking lot sampling events throughout the tour